Unnxandros’ Shitty Guide to FFXII: The Zodiac Age Platinum

Hey, as a disclaimer, feel free to do whatever the heck you want with this guide, aka copy it, edit it (which it needs heavily), improve upon it, etc.

Soooooo, just as a background I did play FFXII on release and I did play the fan-translated ISO for IZJS, which FFZII: TZA is based off. Except for some minuscule stuff (which doesn’t affect trophies) everything is on the same place as the International Job Zodiac System (IJZS). I will say that there are FAR better solutions to most of what I’m going to post BUT this work for me and do note that when I recommend a strategy it’s just that… a recommendation.


VAAN: Foebreaker and Shikari.
Why? Well its a good complement to each other. Foebreaker allows you to use technicks that are vital for some bosses, ie: Expose, Addle, Wither, Shades of Black, and some other that I might be forgetting. It also allows you the use of Heavy Armor, Helms and Axes. Shikari on the other hand gives you access to Telekinesis which is the ability to use your melee weapon as range, so my gambit for normal attacks was
Foe: Flying – Telekinesis
Foe: Lowest HP – Attack

Also Remedy 1, 2 and 3 Licenses, those are important for the Nihopalaoa strat. 

BALTHIER: Machinist and Red Battlemage
Why? Well, no reason. Machinist is a bad pick imo (which shows that you can go whatever you feel like). Actually Archer could of been a better pick because of some important technicks. I went with Machinist for the use of guns, but I ended using Bombs which are unlocked with Machinist. Red Battlemage? Another bad pick if you ask me… Balthies has crappy MP but he remained as my main healer (Ally: HP lower than 70% Cura), so If i could do over I would pick Archer and White Mage or something else entirely.

Also Remedy 1, 2 and 3 Licenses, those are important for the Nihopalaoa strat. 

FRAN: Uhlan and Time BattleMage
Why? AND WHY NOT ARCHER FFS?! Well, maybe I was going for the Zodiac Spear and Uhlan lets you use spears. Did I even get it? NOOOPE! She was my main melee damage dealer till level 70, then I swapped to Basch and never played her again. I do admit that Time Battlemage helped me for the wrong reasons (used a few of the green Magicks, but Red Battlemage can do the same stuff). On a do-over I would pick Archer and prolly some kind of mage.

BASCH: Knight and Bushi
Why? Ok, this one was deliberate. Knight is heavy weapons, armors, accesories and what not and bushi is fast weapons and light armor. Aka, Bash was able to wield the Muramasa and the Excalibur. Are there better swords and Katanas? Yes! Do you need em? Nope, but go for em! Also, Curaja is around and Curaja, even on bad magick chars is great.

ASHE: White Mage and Black Mage
Why? Needed a black mage and I thought it would pair well with a a white mage. I was planning on making her a support but then added some power with black magic (Scathe! Scourge!). While I didn’t play her much till late game, she became essential.

PENELO: I thiiiink I went with Monk and Knight, but she is level 30, so I could of used her as a white canvas.

The ‘Trophies are Missable’ debate:

Obviously, I went in the game semi blind, I was prepared to do two playthroughs, so I focused on beating the game I swear I didn’t actively hunt for trophies. The reason I went in semi-blind instead of blind was because the trophy list existed on IJZS. Well, there was something called the Sky Den’s Pirate which acted as achievements since the concept of trophies wasn’t even conceived by then. I knew that the Sky Den wasn’t missable so I assumed that the trophy list would be the same. Since posting that I have the platinum, people are posting conflicting info:

  • Do you need to «paint» (aka visit every corner of the map) for the Cartography trophy?
    • No. While I do love painting maps, an old habit from playing Diablo or Guild Wars back in the day, in the video I show that I missed some corners… Did I go back and «paint» them? Yes, stop judging me! 
  • Do you need to unlock «extra pages» for the Bestiary? What do you have to kill to get trophy?
    • No. Video shows that. 
  • Do I need to use or be able to cast Magick/Technick to get those trophies?
    • Nope. I only used a handful of technicks and magicks, I might be forgetting some but they are: Wither, Addle, Cura, Curaja, Shades of Black, Scathe, Scourge and Flare, Reverse, Decoy, Protect/ga, Shell/ga, Dispel, Esuna/ga. 
  • Do I need to command my character/s to Steal/Attack/Use Magick/Technicks to get those trophies?
    • Nope, Somebody on your party has to and can be gambited. The only one that I had to grind for like 10 mins was the Steal one (Foe: Closest enemy – Steal) and run along the maps.


I won’t detail how to play the game. I’ll just tell you how I played the game.

  1. Play the game up until the point of no return. You need to go to a place called Bahamut (ITS NOT A SPOILER). The game will warn you that once you go there you are entering the last sequence of the game. So make a few saves (I like back up saves, sorry) and finish the game.  That will net you all Story trophies. Along the way you’ll absolutely get the use attacks 300 times, use magicks 200, use technicks 100 times, steal 50 times, defeat 500 enemies, run 500 steps (at 4x speed its a joke), Get 100k gil, Spend 1million gil, sell 1000 pieces of loot. It is possible that you did not earn 48.000 License points, Reach level 50 as an average, complete a 50-chain. and obtain 500.000 clan points. DONT WORRY. If you are aiming for the plat you’ll have at least a main party at high 90’s (I had four at 95+) so there’s a lot of grinding, that will clear the License poinnts and Reach Level 50. On the Clan points, and 50 chain, well… One of the toughest rare games to spawn in the Grand Crystal has an abysmal spawn rate unless you kill 256 mom bombs, but you can get it earlier on the Sandsea which is where I did.  All these trophies will come naturally. 
  2. Complete the Bestiary. Let’s start with explaining what the bestiary is: The bestiary is a list of enemies that you killed. Some enemies have extra information if you killed a certain amount of them, that is called Sage Knowledge and it’s not required for the trophy. In order to obtain this trophy you’ll have to at least kill 1 of the following
    • Enemies in a certain Area. Do you see that Cactice? Yes, that one with the yellow healthbar and non aggresive? That guy counts! Kill one of those. There are some common enemies that spawn under certain weather conditions, most of these are called Entites. They spawn when the day is TOO sunny, there’s a sandstorm or a snowstorm… Is it a pain? I can’t confirm that you can hunt on the Trial mode (you can load your trial mode save into the normal game, you lose Items that you might have used, the progress of the trials buuuut I did notice that some Sage Knowledge was added to my Bestiary, so maybe there’s an alternative here). Regardless spawning some of these enemies isn’t hard at all.
    • Rare Games and Elite Rare Games: Rare games refer to certain enemies that spawn with a very specific criteria. Some spawn when you clear an area. In some cases you have to make it to a certain place when your in-game clock is in a certain range. Elite Rare Games, on the other hand, are a set of Rare Games pertaining to a The Hunt Club Quest. This quest is an easy way to get a Zodiac Spear or a Ribbon, for example and consists of killing a Rare game that won’t spawn again after you kill him (some of these rare games have rare loot that can be stolen and farmed for rare stuff like the Tournesol Sword, but I didn’t even bother).
    • Hunts and Elite Hunts: Go to a bar… see that board? Accept every mission! Killing that hunt and reporting to Montblanc in Rabanastre unlocks elite hunts (marks) which are the latter trophies such as: Defeat Gilgamesh, Defeat Omega Mark XII, Defeat Yiazmat. There are 45 of them!
    • Espers: aka Summons… Except for Zodiark (representing Ophiucus, the 13th Zodiac and hardest esper to obtain) I never used a summon, except to open a door, right before Giruvegan. You’ll have to fight 13 of them. Less than half of them are story espers, so 7 or so will be hunts that you’ll have to actively look for. To unlock the 12th and 13th esper you need to be far into the game so that’s why I recommend to get up to Bahamut and then go back.
    • Bosses: Most are story based, some are not. These are guys that are hidden or blocking a pathway, but their spawn rate is 100% so don’t fret.
    • Humanoids: Have you seen that guy in the map, helping you clear some enemies… THAT ONE MIGHT COUNT TOO! There are 5 humanoids that you can attack ( X – Attack – R1 to Allies, and attack that humanoid!)

    Also, regarding the comment I made on the Trial Mode… while I’m pretty sure that those count and maybe, just maybe if you kill Yiazmat on the Trial Mode before than in the game and it might give you a trophy, killing Yiazmat awards you the title (its not a trophy) of Order of the Ambrosia, which unlocks rare items on the Clan Provisioner that will make stuff easier.

    This Bestiary trophy will also net you: Obtained every esper, Defeated Zodiark, Defeated Ultima, Defeated Hell Wyrm, Defeted Yiazmat, Defeated the Behemoth King, Defeated Gilgamesh, Defeated Carrot, Defeated the Trickster, Defeated Fafnir, Defeated Fafnir.

  3. Obtained a Morbid Urn: Ok, so I sold every loot that I ever obtained and I’m sure that selling all stuff that you got on your hunts will eventually let you buy this from the Bazaar for 250.000 gil.
  4. Mist Walker: Perform every concurrence. Every charachter have 3 Quicking attacks. You can activate them by going into combat, pressing X – Mist – Quickening. If you unlocked three of them for each charachter you can chain ‘em. and certain chains cause different concurrences: Here goes in order of activation what you need to do in order to get them. If you fulfill the parameters for one or more concurrencies, the one further in the following list will active. For example if you fulfill the requirements for Inferno, Whiteout and Black Hole, only Black Hole will activate.
    1. Inferno – 3x Level 1 Quickenings
    2. Cataclysm – 6x Level 1 Quickenings
    3. Torrent – 2x Level 1 Quickenings | 2x Level 2 Quickenings
    4. Windburst – 4x Level 2 Quickenings
    5. Ark Blast – 2x Level 1 Quickenings | 2x Level 2 Quickenings | 2x Level 3 Quickenings
    6. Whiteout – 4x Level 3 Quickenings
    7. Luminescence – 3x Level 1 Quickenings | 3x Level 2 Quickenings | 3x Level 3 Quickenings
    8. Black Hole – 4x Level 1 Quickenings | 4x Level 2 Quickenings | 4x Level 3 Quickenings
  5. Unlock every Magick/Technick:
    1. As explained earlier just getting the magick/technick is enough. To further illustrate how every «long» trophy is entwined with each other, There’s one magick that is only obtainable at the Clan provisioner when you reached the «normal» max clan rank. Order of Ambrosia is considered a «secret» clan rank. So that’s why, and I hate (kinda) to repeat myself, do not worry with Trials up til the end of the game.
  6. Cartography Trophy:
    1. Why did I leave this one till the end? Well you need to visit every area, that means that you’ll have to fight some stuff that’s in the area. So, if you clear everything you’ll only need one area like I did, and that’s the Grand Arcade and Highgarden Terrace at Archades (its a tedious quest or 300,000ish gil to get in)


There’s no way that most of this game’s stuff stuck with me for so many years.

For hunts I used: http://jegged.com/Games/Final-Fantasy-XII/Clan-Primer/Hunts/

For Side quests (You’ll have to complete some to get access to some places): http://jegged.com/Games/Final-Fantasy-XII/Side-Quests/

For Espers: http://jegged.com/Games/Final-Fantasy-XII/Espers/

For Rare games and Hunt Club Rare Games I printed this map and crossed over what I was getting: https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/0/02/FFXII_Rare_Game_Map.png/revision/latest?cb=20140809023614

I hated the Grand Crystal, but this map saved my life more than once: https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps2/459841-final-fantasy-xii/faqs/46722?raw=1

OF COURSE the FF Wiki was an invaluable resource: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com

Gamefaqs was a life saver too… Just remember that when googling always add IZJS to your search… for example «Shellga FFXII IJZS Location» in time both wiki and gamefaqs will include the Zodiac age, and probably some already did.


1, Get at least ONE Embroided Tippet: Info courtesy of the FF Wiki

Special Properties: Doubles EXP earned.
Treasure: Nam-Yensa Sandsea (Simoon Bluff) / Feywood (Antiquity’s End) / Pharos – Subterra (Penumbra – South)
Poach: Coeurl (Tchita Uplands – 5%)

Double Exp, on 4x speed… well kinda obvious how fast you’ll level right?

2. Get a Nihopalao early. This items does the opposite of what the item description says…

Revive? Then its insta-kill?

Heal? Then its damage.

Damage? Then its healing!

Remedy can be upgraded to cure Disease, Slow, stop, and many other ailments, so just imagine what you can do if you reverse that

3. Trials 98 to 100 – SHAMELESS VIDEO BY ME. Its a Spanish archive of my twitch stuff but description on the video explains the strat

4. Proof so people are not worried about trophies:

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